We know that you will have a lot of questions about Cheeky Monkey Models- so, we suggest you take a read of our helpful questions and answers section, and see if we can answer everything you have in mind. You may wonder what will happen from beginning to end of the process- so we have tried to explain it to you here clearly.

Once you have looked at our website and decided you would like to apply, our application process looks like this:

1. You apply through the Cheeky Monkey website – filling in all required information and uploading four photos. Please note the maximum size of images is 4MB. 

2 After you have applied you will get an email from us stating that we have received your application.

3. We will then endeavour to get back to you within 21 days.

4. You will then get an email from us explain that your cheeky monkey has either been successful or unsuccessful.

5.  If they are successful you will then be invited to a casting consultation (more info below), this will take place during holidays - so you may need to wait a little while before we get in touch with a suitable date and time.


How does my child join Cheeky Monkey Models?

We pride ourselves at Cheeky Monkey Models for the quality of our models, and how happy our models, their parents and our clients are. With that in mind we are not ashamed to say that we are selective with the children we ask to join our books. If you have been contacted by our team, you can expect to be asked to bring your child to a casting consultation.  (This will generally be in the London area). This will give us a chance to meet your child, get them in front of the camera and answer any questions you may have.

These sessions are very important to us, as we want to make sure we ask the right children to join our agency. We want you and your child to be happy at becoming a model with CMM so we may take some time to get to know your child and get a feel for how relaxed your child is in front of the camera.

If you have a baby or toddler you want them to be happy having their photo taken; content when meeting new people, and relaxed enough to work in a photographic environment- we need our younger models to be confident enough to work with photographers and their team. For older children, we want models that are well behaved, and are interested in meeting new people in new, unknown environments.  Our models represent Cheeky Monkey Models on shoots and castings, and we ask that they behave in a polite, amenable manner to show our clients just how great we are.

After the consultation we will decide who we will offer contracts- basing our decision on how comfortable they are, and what kind of models we have spaces in our book for. At the moment our books are open to all children - newborn through to age 16. We aim to let you know our decision within 14 days.

If we send photos of our child in will you take them on your books?

From all the photos we receive the agency only takes on a small percentage of those received. CM will only take on a child if we feel they have a strong look that is right for our clients, or at the very least show good potential.  Please note that we only look at applications made from our website. We do not accept photos via email.


What happens if my child is accepted for the agency?

Great news, your child is now a cheeky monkey model!

We will ask you to complete some documentation, and we will set up a personal portfolio page on our website that you can view as their parent, and also our vetted clients can view. No one else has access to these pages as they are password protected.

Are there any fees?

No. We don’t believe in charging you any upfront fees, but we do expect full exclusivity and a 1yr commitment term. We are a sole rep agency and we ask that while you are signed with CM you are not on the books of another modelling agency,( we don’t mind if it’s an acting agency)


What work could your child carry out after joining Cheeky Monkey Models?

 Child modelling is generally split into two sections;

1. Photographic work - magazines, catalogues, in-store materials, billboards, press adverts, etc.

2. Television work - commercials, film, music videos.

Sending your child’s details to clients

When a client contacts us we will put forward all of the children we think meet their requirements. It is imperative that you keep the models details and pictures updated on the website to ensure we are putting them forward for the correct jobs

What will the castings be like?

Castings are more often than not in Central London or the surrounding areas. You will need to be flexible and often be contacted at short notice, as we are often given only 24 hours’ notice for a casting, so we will contact you by phone as soon as we can.

Castings for young children are often during the day, and those for school age children are generally after school, normally between 4-6pm.  Shoots can often take place during a school day, so parents will need to bear in mind that their children will have to miss school on these occasions. If you are not happy for your child to take time off school you should think about this before applying.

We will give you all the information we have regarding the casting  for example- what to wear, what will be expected of you, however please note most of the time it will be a very quick process in and out within 10 minutes. The client will ask the models name, age etc. and take a picture. There could be waiting time before the client will see you but that will depend on how smoothly the casting is running.

All children will need to be chaperoned to castings/shoots. Cheeky Monkey Models are not able to escort children so it is your responsible to be there with your child.

How much will my child get paid?

This will depend on the client, but you will be told of the amount before you go to the job.

When do you get paid from a job?

The model will normally be paid within 30 days – 90 days depending on the client. We pay our children direct, so we ask you set up a bank or building society account in your child’s name.

Will my child be guaranteed work?

We can’t guarantee that your child will always get work. But, we are confident that we pick the right children for our books. We know what our clients are looking for, and because we have different looking children in each age group with no one too similar, we think that our models do have a higher chance of getting work as internal competition is kept to a minimum.

How often will my child work?

There is no set amount of jobs per year, it varies and can be dependent on age, size, look, etc., but if any of our models fit a client's brief then their pictures are put forward for the job. Our models can work once a year, once a month or sometimes on a more regular basis.

How do we know if clients are showing an interest in our child?

Unfortunately due to the high number of enquiries from clients it is impossible to notify parents every time a client has expressed an interest in their child. Once a client has requested to see or book a child the parent will of course be notified.